Frank C. McGuinness, American, Globalising Europe, class of 2017
Globalising Europe

"I couldn't ask for a better time to do this summer course! We had choices offered to us but I was looking for one that seemed challenging and fit my return to the job market this year. I found EDHEC amongst our list of partner schools and the Globalising Europe seemed perfect as I wanted to extend my European perspective as part of my future career goals. And in spreading the word to my fellow IMBA students, 8 others finally chose this excellent opportunity as the final component of our International MBA program. It was wonderful to visit Lille, Paris, Brussels and the South of France, in both tours and company visits in order to learn more about how business is done in Europe. And I gained wonderful insight into the processes, institutions, frameworks, and daily negotiations that form the ever-evolving European Union. In short, I had a wonderful time and will always cherish the great friendships and fantastic experiences this programme has provided me".