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News - 15-01-2021
The 13 members of EDHEC Women In Finance (WinFin), all of whom are studying for EDHEC’s Master in Management/MSc in Financial Economics double-degree, are proud to present their latest project. WinFin, chaired by students Marie Legrand and Lei Su,... Read more
News - 14-01-2021
Having worked at SOCGEN, Deutsch Bank, and Bank of America, Léa Coste is a good example of how EDHEC graduates pursue successful international careers. Filled with determination, a realisation that the human element is vital to achieving, she is... Read more
News - 13-01-2021
What happened upon your arrival in Korea? I landed in Seoul on January 2nd. The airport staff was very helpful and friendly. They helped me install the self-quarantine protection app and asked questions to make sure I did not have any symptoms. The... Read more
News - 12-01-2021
Laetitia suffers from a rare debilitating disease known as EDS. This little-known disease affects the muscles and joints and can cause severe pain. Laetitia was diagnosed with this at the early age of 17.  Despite this, with EDHEC’s encouragement,... Read more
News - 07-01-2021
What is your background prior to EDHEC?  Before EDHEC, I studied for a master’s degree in Land Identification & Development with a specialisation in urban planning and land surveyor/topographer. I worked as a land surveyor for 3 years, mostly in... Read more
News - 06-01-2021
EDHEC Business School wishes you an inspiring New Year 2021 ! Let's continue building a more sustainable and caring world for future generations.  
News - 05-01-2021
You helped design the curriculum of the new MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance. What are the programme’s main highlights? What makes it unique? What is unique about this programme is that it will introduce the science and engineering... Read more
News - 24-12-2020
“I am absolutely convinced that whatever you do in life, you will not succeed, or be a business leader, unless you have some understanding and mastery of technology”, Mr Aubourg said.  “Technology is a crucial global driver. It is growing... Read more
News - 22-12-2020
Can you tell us a bit about your education before joining EDHEC's Master in Management Financial Economics programme? I grew up in Plouénan, a town in Brittany where I was educated at a Diwan school where all lessons are taught in Breton. After high... Read more
News - 17-12-2020
EDHEC is pleased to expand its partnership of excellence with the University of St.Gallen, by offering International BBA students the chance for an academic exchange at the famous and highly prestigious Swiss university. The agreement rounds out the... Read more
News - 17-12-2020
Burger King and Sutter Mills (now Accenture) gave the 2019–2020 MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence students one mission: to use ‘activate a multinational’s data to prevent churn’, using data. Business ready  For companies such as... Read more
News - 16-12-2020
The unprecedented economic and health crisis currently being experienced is disrupting our lives and those of our students. As part of its Impact Future Generations strategic plan, EDHEC is increasing its resources devoted to assisting students, so... Read more
News - 15-12-2020
What is your background prior to EDHEC? I hold a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. I went on to study for a MSc in Business Information Management on their campus in Brussels. I had a very... Read more
News - 11-12-2020
On 8 December 2020, Professor Ludovic Cailluet, MiM GETT programme director, and Jihun Lee, EDHEC’s Korean language and culture lecturer, were invited to the Korean Embassy in Paris to receive “Learn! Korean with BTS” textbooks from His Excellency... Read more
News - 10-12-2020
What is Seemyvet‘s pitch? Seemyvet is a veterinary telemedicine platform aiming at connecting veterinarians and their patients, and other veterinarians together. The platform allows to centralise, secure and valorise veterinary advices and... Read more
News - 10-12-2020
What are the highlights of your Master's years at EDHEC Business School? I studied for 3 years at EDHEC. The first year was a little bit challenging for me because I knew I had to adapt to the French culture... It felt like a freshman, entering a... Read more
News - 08-12-2020
A graduate of EDHEC in 1965, Patrick Van Den Schrieck is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sarbec Cosmetics and a Grand Donor of EDHEC Business School. We interviewed him on his career, his managerial vision and the reasons for his sizeable... Read more
News - 07-12-2020
For a fifth consecutive year, EDHEC Business School has ranked among the 15 best-performing and most desirable business schools in Europe, according to the Financial Times ranking of European business schools, published today. The 2020 ranking... Read more
News - 03-12-2020
EDHEC and its fellow business schools of the Future of Management Education (FOME) Online Alliance are delighted to welcome Johns Hopkins Carey Business School to their international partnership. The 10 institutions voted to unanimously approve the... Read more
News - 03-12-2020
EDHEC Business School is pleased to announce the appointment of Justine Soudier as Director of EDHEC Entrepreneurs as from 1 January 2021. She succeeds Jean-Michel Ledru, who after founding and subsequently developing the EDHEC incubator over 10... Read more