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News - 26-03-2021
This year’s TEDxEDHEC talks will explore the concept of change, or how leaders, students and entrepreneurs of diverse origins and backgrounds are working to build a better world. The 10 guest speakers at this year’s event will take to the stage in... Read more
News - 26-03-2021
On March 26th, Europlace Institute of Finance named EDHEC professor Kim Peijnenburg the ‘Best Researcher under 40 in Finance and Insurance in France’. The award is a testament to her trailblazing work, which breaks down barriers across different... Read more
News - 25-03-2021
To accompany its Impact future generations strategic plan, EDHEC Business School is delighted to present its new financial-support initiative, the Make an impact scholarship. In 2015, all United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for... Read more
News - 23-03-2021
You say that climate change and finance are intertwined. Can you explain how and why? When it comes to climate change, everything is intertwined and connected. Science, technology, economics and finance cannot and must not be looked at in isolation... Read more
News - 18-03-2021
COLFUTURO was founded in 1991 by Ana Milena Muñoz de Gaviria’s through an initiative by a group of prominent citizens from the public and private sectors, committed to the country’s development through its human capital. Over the past thirty years,... Read more
News - 16-03-2021
Why pursue your studies in the business field at EDHEC Business School? I was looking for a programme that would start teaching me the fundamentals and I obviously made the best choice. EDHEC teaches you the fundamentals of every business sector,... Read more
News - 12-03-2021
To mark the first anniversary of EDHEC’s Strategic Plan to Impact Future Generations, the new EDHEC Vox issue is dedicated to our students and created in collaboration with them. Twenty EDHEC students from different programmes, from International... Read more
News - 11-03-2021
EDHEC Master Programmes partnered up with Business Because to host a webinar. The topic of discussion was: how will a master's degree boost your job prospects. A hot topic in these challenging times. Aditi Mishra, Strategy and Analytics programme at... Read more
News - 09-03-2021
Demand for data science and analysis professionals is growing. Here are five good reasons to get a master’s degree in data analytics to prepare you for the fourth industrial revolution.     #1. Data will continue to grow  Data is fuelling the fourth... Read more
News - 08-03-2021
The EDHEC International BBA undergraduate programme confirmed its leadership in France by taking first place in the L’Etudiant 2021 ranking of BBAs and five-year undergraduate programmes in France. The L’Etudiant ranking comes in the wake of the... Read more
News - 04-03-2021
EDHEC MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Finance is a brand new 18-month programme that will open this next intake at EDHEC Business School. It has been developed in partnership with the leading French engineering school MINES ParisTech to... Read more
News - 03-03-2021
Students on the EDHEC Online BSc in Business Management took part in the ‘Objective Green Deal’ hackathon, promoted by the European Commission in early February. The goal for EDHEC students? Work in a highly pragmatic way on practical sustainable... Read more
News - 02-03-2021
A look back at 2020… Without doubt, 2020 was a challenging year and 2021 has not been very different. On the plus side, the Covid-19 pandemic allowed us to gauge the readiness and adaptability of our team and services. When I think back on how we... Read more
News - 25-02-2021
What did you study prior to EDHEC Business School? I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Human Resources from United International College in Zhuhai, China. Why did you choose EDHEC’s Master in Management? When I was searching for Master’s... Read more
News - 23-02-2021
Start the debate. Discuss. Find solutions. EDHEC Business School has created the EDHEC Vox Podcast, so that its voice can still be heard. Its goal? To better understand what is happening in terms of the transformation underway in business and... Read more
News - 23-02-2021
Why did you choose the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking? Why France? I started working at a trading desk and then moved to the middle office of the largest bank in Colombia. The MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking was a perfect match for my... Read more
News - 18-02-2021
Why did MINES ParisTech decide to join forces with EDHEC to create the MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance?  MINES ParisTech formed a partnership with EDHEC to build an advanced master's degree specialising in the optimisation of energy... Read more
News - 16-02-2021
“Your career will be one filled with success, humbling moments and one where you will ask whether you are doing the right thing. Don’t become arrogant, learn from others and stay curious…” said  Olivier Delay, CEO Natixis Americas. Inspiring words... Read more
News - 12-02-2021
Thomas Arnaudo, EDHEC Master in Management 2013 Some of us do our best thinking in the bathroom. Certainly, it was a source of inspiration for It’s a startup that seems so right, and so right for the times, it deserves to succeed. As... Read more
News - 12-02-2021
Hugo Mathecowitsch, EDHEC Master in Management 2013 From his years at EDHEC, Hugo knew there was a future for him in Latin America’s new economy. But what? He finally hit the jackpot with his concept of a digital bank to help startup entrepreneurs... Read more