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News - 09-02-2021
Why did you opt for the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence? During my professional immersion, as a Master's student, I worked for Amazon as a supply chain analyst and for a startup called Bigblue based at Station F, the world’s... Read more
News - 08-02-2021
The Financial Times MBA 2021 ranking published today confirms EDHEC’s position in the top 100 MBA programmes worldwide and extends the School’s continuous progress in this pivotal ranking for executive education programmes designed for managers and... Read more
News - 04-02-2021
Diversity, equal opportunities, the fight against discrimination:  Hager Jemel, Director of the EDHEC Open Leadership for Diversity & Inclusion Chair, details the centre’s research and training initiatives. What is the mission of the EDHEC Open... Read more
News - 04-02-2021
Located at the heart of the Lille metropolitan area, at the intersection of the Croix, Villeneuve d'Ascq, and Wasquehal municipalities, La Maillerie II is slated to become a hub where people can live, create social connections, and foster cultural,... Read more
News - 28-01-2021
#1. Duration While a Master of Science will last for 18 months, internship included, a Master in Management programme will take you on a three-year journey. Two years of academic courses and one year in between to experience the job market. #2.... Read more
News - 26-01-2021
The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the lives and plans of individuals throughout the world. For students, it has meant potentially significant disruption in their studies and plans for the future. Uncertainties have extended from internships to... Read more
News - 26-01-2021
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I am an Indian Chartered Accountant and I hold a Masters in Commerce degree with 1st rank in college and 9th rank in University. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EDHEC? EDHEC’s rigorous course structure, its... Read more
News - 22-01-2021
The Economist annual ‘Which MBA?’ ranking, published today, confirms EDHEC’s place among the world’s top centres of learning and highlights the school’s rise through the French and international rankings. In a challenging and competitive... Read more
News - 21-01-2021
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EDHEC? I'm a Civil Engineer with 2 years of work experience in project management. I chose EDHEC because it provided all the tools I needed to change my career. Because of the... Read more
News - 19-01-2021
EDHEC is a member of GRAFSI. What does that involve? GRAFSI is an ambitious initiative. Established by Oxford University, it is a global network of more than 20 high-level universities and business schools, aimed at promoting high-quality research... Read more
News - 15-01-2021
The 13 members of EDHEC Women In Finance (WinFin), all of whom are studying for EDHEC’s Master in Management/MSc in Financial Economics double-degree, are proud to present their latest project. WinFin, chaired by students Marie Legrand and Lei Su,... Read more
News - 14-01-2021
Having worked at SOCGEN, Deutsch Bank, and Bank of America, Léa Coste is a good example of how EDHEC graduates pursue successful international careers. Filled with determination, a realisation that the human element is vital to achieving, she is... Read more
News - 13-01-2021
What happened upon your arrival in Korea? I landed in Seoul on January 2nd. The airport staff was very helpful and friendly. They helped me install the self-quarantine protection app and asked questions to make sure I did not have any symptoms. The... Read more
News - 12-01-2021
Laetitia suffers from a rare debilitating disease known as EDS. This little-known disease affects the muscles and joints and can cause severe pain. Laetitia was diagnosed with this at the early age of 17.  Despite this, with EDHEC’s encouragement,... Read more
News - 07-01-2021
What is your background prior to EDHEC?  Before EDHEC, I studied for a master’s degree in Land Identification & Development with a specialisation in urban planning and land surveyor/topographer. I worked as a land surveyor for 3 years, mostly in... Read more
News - 06-01-2021
EDHEC Business School wishes you an inspiring New Year 2021 ! Let's continue building a more sustainable and caring world for future generations.  
News - 05-01-2021
You helped design the curriculum of the new MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance. What are the programme’s main highlights? What makes it unique? What is unique about this programme is that it will introduce the science and engineering... Read more
News - 24-12-2020
“I am absolutely convinced that whatever you do in life, you will not succeed, or be a business leader, unless you have some understanding and mastery of technology”, Mr Aubourg said.  “Technology is a crucial global driver. It is growing... Read more
News - 22-12-2020
Can you tell us a bit about your education before joining EDHEC's Master in Management Financial Economics programme? I grew up in Plouénan, a town in Brittany where I was educated at a Diwan school where all lessons are taught in Breton. After high... Read more
News - 17-12-2020
EDHEC is pleased to expand its partnership of excellence with the University of St.Gallen, by offering International BBA students the chance for an academic exchange at the famous and highly prestigious Swiss university. The agreement rounds out the... Read more