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News - 15-05-2020
The volume of global data is increasing at breakneck speed. According to the United Nations, by some estimates, 90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the last two years and is set to increase by 40 percent a year. But how much of this... Read more
News - 13-05-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I studied biomedical engineering for one year, then I switched to economics. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Università degli Studi di Torino. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EDHEC? I... Read more
News - 11-05-2020
EDHEC continues its progression in the world Top 10  EDHEC cemented its leadership on the international business education market by making progress in all of the 3 rankings published today (Custom programmes, Open programmes and Combined). The... Read more
News - 07-05-2020
ZOE MCCLAY   “ I found an internship at Ubisoft. The video game market is currently booming! ”    Zoé McClay, 23, is a Franco-British student currently in the last year of her course at EDHEC. She chose to join the MSc in Marketing Management with... Read more
News - 05-05-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from the University of Auckland and a Graduate Diploma in Science (Finance) from the University of Canterbury. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS PROGRAMME?  The MSc... Read more
News - 28-04-2020
Faced with the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic and the ravages caused by the virus, the EDHEC community is engaging in a variety of solidarity measures geared to helping the hardest-hit participants in our society. Under the impetus of different... Read more
News - 28-04-2020
PiLab, EDHEC’s specialist pedagogical innovation laboratory, enhances the pedagogical experience for students, professors and researchers alike. As a genuine creative hub for the School, PiLab supports professors on a daily basis, advising them on... Read more
News - 24-04-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATION PRIOR TO EDHEC? I hold a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration from the Vienna University of Economics & Business and had the opportunity to attend the National University of Singapore as an exchange... Read more
News - 23-04-2020
The EDHEC GETT program, Global Economic Transformation & Technology is an international track of the Master in Management (MiM) built around an exchange programme in South Korea and California with two prestigious institutions, Sungkyunkwan... Read more
News - 20-04-2020
Covid-19: an emergency fund to help students in serious difficulty In response to a growing need for applications, EDHEC has launched an Emergency Fund to support students in serious difficulty.  Let us mobilise, together, for solidarity between... Read more
News - 20-04-2020
EDHEC students know how to re-invent themselves fast and make a positive impact on the world, even during confinement. Our associations – 95 in total this year – are showing creativity in these unprecedented times. EDHEC associations are more active... Read more
News - 20-04-2020
What kind of student were you?   To be honest, I was not very motivated during my first four years studying law. I found learning by heart tedious. I enjoyed my student life outside of the Lille 2 University of Health and Law far more! I was in a... Read more
News - 16-04-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? Prior to EDHEC, I studied Business Administration and Economics at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. With a major in Economics, Fiscal and Monetary policy were fundamental concepts... Read more
News - 09-04-2020
What kind of student were you? Very committed. Some might even say, boring! Always handing in my homework on time, always sitting at the front of the class, always attentive, raising my hand. I was a nerd. What were your favourite subjects? In... Read more
News - 07-04-2020
#1. Practise regularly. Dedicate enough time every week to practice the questions, they always have a certain pattern to them. The more you solve questions, the more you get used to it, the faster you can answer them. You can also get help from a... Read more
News - 02-04-2020
After leaving the time for students to organise themselves and return home after confinement was announced on 16 March, EDHEC ensured the continuity of all academic activity at distance for all its programmes and on its four academic campuses (Lille... Read more
News - 02-04-2020
Founded in 1953, Damart is famous for developing and patenting Thermolactyl, a unique fibre, proven effective against cold. But conscious of the impact of fashion on the planet –fashion is the 2nd most pollutant industry after oil-, the brand asked... Read more
News - 01-04-2020
  The EDHEC Entrepreneurs Incubator team is following and supporting all EDHEC entrepreneurs more than ever at distance during this exceptional period. Individualised coaching for the Incubator’s start-ups is essential and continues to be provided!... Read more
News - 30-03-2020
“I find writing novels a challenge, writing stories a joy. If writing novels is like planting a forest, then writing short stories is more like planting a garden.” - Haruki Murakami There's a little spark to every fire, the spark that lit my journey... Read more
News - 26-03-2020
The CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals, which offers the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, promoting professional excellence and high ethical standards. The EDHEC MSc in Finance has been a CFA Programme... Read more