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News - 17-05-2021
On 26 March 2021, Robert Baker, EDHEC MBA “Disruptor in Residence”, was the guest speaker at the Diversity & Inclusion Webinar hosted by GMBA Programme Director Sandra Richez. Robert, a champion of Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace,... Read more
News - 14-05-2021
Any Financial expert will concede that the Investment landscape is changing, and this shift in trend is one that will continue. Last year BlackRock Inc, the world’s largest asset manager, overseeing $8.7 trillion said they plan to take into... Read more
News - 11-05-2021
You are a few months away from completing your higher education. What are the main highlights of your EDHEC years? I will remember my EDHEC years for their richness and how they made me grow on all levels. On a personal level, I will remember my... Read more
News - 04-05-2021
Tell us about yourself. I always thought it would be exciting to have experiences abroad and meet different cultures. I started my studies with a Bachelor in Management and Economics at Catholic University of Lille and already back then, I have had... Read more
News - 03-05-2021
The third episode of the EDHEC Vox podcast is dedicated to entrepreneurship, featuring Sacha Poignonnec, 2002 alumnus and co-founder and co-CEO of Jumia, Justine Soudier, 2019 alumnus and director of EDHEC Entrepreneurs, and Marwan Elfitesse, 2011... Read more
News - 29-04-2021
Why did you choose to join EDHEC’s MSc in Marketing Management? I decided to join EDHEC Business School due to the high standards of education and its high quality behind its MSc educational programmes. The MSc in Marketing Management has an... Read more
News - 27-04-2021
The third episode of the EDHEC Vox podcast is dedicated to entrepreneurship, featuring Sacha Poignonnec, 2002 alumnus and co-founder and co-CEO of Jumia, Justine Soudier, 2019 alumnus and director of EDHEC Entrepreneurs, and Marwan Elfitesse, 2011... Read more
News - 27-04-2021
There are always a few skeptics when it comes to new concepts. For some, Sustainable Finance is merely a buzzword: a fad, dressed up and greenwashed, ready to dazzle those who believe. Fortunately for us, however, there are strong believers and... Read more
News - 27-04-2021
As the job market slows down with the COVID-19 crisis: What impact will it have on students currently entering the workforce? What advice can we share for young graduates currently looking for a job? The EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre and EDHEC Alumni... Read more
News - 22-04-2021
What are the highlights of your master's years within the Global Economic Transformation & Technology programme? It was interesting to experience different ways of life, different methods of teaching, and be immersed in the tech environment. In... Read more
News - 20-04-2021
It continues to be a difficult year for students all around the world.  They are certainly facing times that can only be described as turbulent.  Whether completing final studies at secondary school or facing University life, students are having to... Read more
News - 19-04-2021
The EDHEC MBA Project Management Club, in partnership with PMI France Côte d'Azur, is offering a live webinar on Thursday 22nd April from 6.45 pm until 8pm dedicated to digital transformation. The conversation will cover the main different areas of... Read more
News - 16-04-2021
After two consecutive cancellations of the physical event, the student organisers of the EDHEC Sailing Cup (Course Croisière EDHEC or CCE) have innovated and surprised us again! This year, they are organising a 100%-virtual EDHEC Sailing Cup on... Read more
News - 15-04-2021
What do you like about the MSc’s guest speaker talks? For me, the guest talks provide an incredibly valuable element to the practice-oriented MSc in Global & Sustainable Business. Being able to learn alongside industry-leading experts, such as... Read more
News - 13-04-2021
What are the main highlights of your master’s years at EDHEC Business School? I think the highlights of my master's years at EDHEC were, first of all, the MSC in Marketing Management classes. We had some brilliant professors who had quite an impact... Read more
News - 08-04-2021
Tell us about your journey at EDHEC Business School. Upon completion of my two-year-long preparatory classes in Casablanca, Morocco, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Grande École programme at EDHEC Business School. My first year at... Read more
News - 06-04-2021
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I was raised in a city in the heart of Amazon. When I turned 18, I moved to Rio de Janeiro for my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I did two exchange programmes in Canada and England... Read more
News - 06-04-2021
EDHEC Business School is a signatory to the Diversity Charter and is accelerating its commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the regions where it operates. Since being launched, this emblematic charter encourages businesses to ensure... Read more
News - 02-04-2021
The globalised job market, which greatly favoured young graduates for several years, made the ability to attract and retain talent a central concern for businesses. Although the crisis has altered the picture, the possibility of recruiting more... Read more
News - 02-04-2021
In January 2021, CDO magazine ranked two EDHEC faculty members, Christophe Croux and Veronika Czellar, on the 2021 list of “Leading Data Academics”. Let’s take a closer look at EDHEC’s commitment to placing data at the core of its programmes. Data... Read more