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News - 27-01-2020
  Placed 28th worldwide for value for money by the FT and overall 88th, the intensive 10-month programme is also one of the most diverse and international in the top 100, ranking in the top 30 for international course experience and international... Read more
News - 24-01-2020
Jun Lu, Li Long, and Jie Yang became friends upon their arrival at EDHEC in 2017. These Master of Science students will be celebrating their third Lunar New Year together. “We met in 2017. We were in the same cohort. At the end of the first... Read more
News - 23-01-2020
Because Fintech is a rapidly growing industry with a market share of more than US$187 billion across 48 Fintech unicorns that challenge the current financial legacy systems with blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) being among the most... Read more
News - 22-01-2020
All around the world, green buildings are becoming the norm. According to digital publications platform the Environment and Society Portal, “green building refers to practices that make buildings that are sustainable and resource-efficient... Read more
News - 21-01-2020
What were your main takeaways from this session? Strategy consulting is considered similar to problem solving and cracking cases. Many students preparing for strategy consulting roles consider their day-to-day responsibilities to be based on a... Read more
News - 09-01-2020
All businesses start with a personal story, an unfulfilled need, and BlaBlaCar is no exception. Back in 2003, company founder Fréderic Mazzella needed to travel from Paris to Vendée on France’s West Coast to spend Christmas with his family, but all... Read more
News - 20-12-2019
What should P&G do to grow male grooming sales in the hygiene and beauty aisle? This was the main question over 800 Master 1 students had to answer. Like professional consultants, students – in teams of 5 or 6 – had to provide an overview of the... Read more
News - 19-12-2019
The Challenges ranking is based on a range of criteria measuring excellence and power, and which are fundamental to the success of the EDHEC programme: third in France for international experience and first among French Grande Ecole (Master in... Read more
News - 19-12-2019
The Challenges ranking is based on a range of criteria measuring excellence and power, and which include the quality of student recruitment: the BBA programme has the highest proportion of undergraduates awarded Very Good or Good distinctions in... Read more
News - 18-12-2019
"Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep." - This inspiring quote by Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam (aerospace scientist and ex-president of India) became my mantra. I come from a middle-class family in... Read more
News - 16-12-2019
Similarly, in an academic context, students may lack the commitment to assimilate theoretical concepts. Inspired by the “gamification” of business and a passionate gamer herself, Professor Guergana Guintcheva, Programme Director of EDHEC’s MSc in... Read more
News - 12-12-2019
A FULLY-ONLINE TRACK PROVIDING CUTTING-EDGE COMPETENCIES IN INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDHEC is proud to announce that the Bachelors students of the EDHEC BSc Online can now access to the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship track. All... Read more
News - 11-12-2019
WHY PARTICIPATE IN THE SILVER AWARDS CHALLENGE?   I decided to participate in the Silver Awards because of my taste for creation and also because my previous experiences working on projects (like the hackathon or longer ones) were all very enjoyable... Read more
News - 04-12-2019
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I’m from just outside of Washington DC, but I studied at the University of South Carolina. I hold a triple major in Marketing, International Business, and Management, and I have learned French as... Read more
News - 02-12-2019
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? My path is not very linear for a business school student, as it is my second Master programme. In 2017, I graduated with a Bachelor in International Economic Relations from MGIMO University in... Read more
News - 28-11-2019
HOW HAS CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTED FINANCE AND INVESTORS TO DATE? The ever-greater damage being done to people and property by climate change and the increasingly stringent climate policies being introduced by governments around the world have prompted... Read more
News - 27-11-2019
WHAT DOES YOUR JOB INVOLVE? I manage the market research hub of Chanel’s Global Insight department and lead a seven-person team. We conduct market research for three of the company’s divisions ‒ fashion, fragrance & beauty and watches &... Read more
News - 26-11-2019
WHAT WAS YOUR CAREER PATH BEFORE COMING TO EDHEC? I worked as a salesman and a human ressources manager, then as a CEO in Europe and Africa in the car-rental business, the food sector and the music business. I launched my own company aged 45 and... Read more
News - 22-11-2019
WHY CHANGE A WINNING FORMULA? You have to adapt if you want to keep on winning. Academic programmes are not set in stone. I felt, and so did my students, that our highly successful MSc in Global Business needed to evolve to keep pace with demand for... Read more
News - 21-11-2019
Increasing acute water shortage, more dead zones, loss of biodiversity, 6th mass extinction… the impacts of human activities on the planet are well known. But how we act, as individuals and citizens to bend these environmental curves was the main... Read more