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News - 10-06-2021
How do we measure success?  The answer to this is highly personal as we all have different goals. However, one element which is important is the human element because inevitably success is about those people who cross our paths on the way and our... Read more
News - 09-06-2021
Four students discussed with Dean Emmanuel Métais on the future of Business Schools, for EDHEC Vox Magazine. A conversation with Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School, and the students: Noa AKNIN, Master student, Business Management track... Read more
News - 09-06-2021
Philippe Léopold-Metzger (EDHEC 1977), CEO of Piaget for close to 20 years, has been elected President of the EDHEC Foundation. He succeeds Stéphane Lagut (EDHEC 1990), who took up the position in 2018. A graduate of EDHEC, Philippe Léopold-Metzger... Read more
News - 09-06-2021
In September 2020, L’Agora, EDHEC's student Conferences and Debates Association, launched “Les Rencontres de L’Agora”. The new, short online interview format was created as temporary solution during the health crisis and has now become a regular... Read more
News - 08-06-2021
Recently, Christine Lagarde, president of the Central European Bank pointed out that tackling climate change is a collective endeavor and she is undoubtedly right. It is no surprise that these words came from someone at the heart of the banking... Read more
News - 04-06-2021
The flagship event for new technologies and innovation in Paris is back this year, with an exceptional format, both online and in physical at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. EDHEC partners with VIVATECH 2021, from June 16 to 19, dedicated to... Read more
News - 03-06-2021
Can you tell us why you chose the EDHEC MIM in Financial Economics? Having had no finance experience before joining EDHEC, I was keen on the EDHEC MiM because of the professional immersion year, which would give me the opportunity to gain some of... Read more
News - 01-06-2021
Tell us a bit about your background prior to joining EDHEC and the MiM Global Economic Transformation & Technology track. I did my last two years of high school in Ireland. And before that, I was in Germany. So, I studied in different countries... Read more
News - 27-05-2021
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I have a business administration educational background. Before joining EDHEC Business School, I took a 3-year Bachelor of Science in business administration in Rome, at the University of Tor... Read more
News - 25-05-2021
WHAT WAS YOUR BACKGROUND BEFORE EDHEC BUSINESS SCHOOL? After a scientific baccalaureate and two years of higher education in my native country Algeria, I joined the University of Lille.  I entered directly into the second year of my Bacherlor’s... Read more
News - 21-05-2021
A team of five dynamic women, EDHEC International BBA graduates and current MSc Marketing Management students - Charlotte Blanchard, Nanthida Kaewradee, Syrane Kazandjian, Clara Dubreucq and Clara Diss - are the proud winners of L’Oréal’s fifth... Read more
News - 20-05-2021
EDHEC Business School is pleased to announce the launch of a series of TV documentaries made by Bertrand Monnet, Director of the EDHEC Criminal Risks Management Chair. The series is to be broadcast internationally by Netflix under the title “Dirty... Read more
News - 20-05-2021
Why did you opt for the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence? During my business analytics studies at McGill University, I became deeply interested in the potential of data analysis in the business environment. I am convinced that... Read more
News - 18-05-2021
What do you teach at EDHEC? What is your area of expertise? I teach Valuation and Advanced Corporate Finance. Both of these courses are part of the EDHEC Masters of Science for the FE Track students based in Nice. I also teach Advanced Corporate... Read more
News - 17-05-2021
On 26 March 2021, Robert Baker, EDHEC MBA “Disruptor in Residence”, was the guest speaker at the Diversity & Inclusion Webinar hosted by GMBA Programme Director Sandra Richez. Robert, a champion of Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace,... Read more
News - 14-05-2021
Any Financial expert will concede that the Investment landscape is changing, and this shift in trend is one that will continue. Last year BlackRock Inc, the world’s largest asset manager, overseeing $8.7 trillion said they plan to take into... Read more
News - 11-05-2021
You are a few months away from completing your higher education. What are the main highlights of your EDHEC years? I will remember my EDHEC years for their richness and how they made me grow on all levels. On a personal level, I will remember my... Read more
News - 04-05-2021
Tell us about yourself. I always thought it would be exciting to have experiences abroad and meet different cultures. I started my studies with a Bachelor in Management and Economics at Catholic University of Lille and already back then, I have had... Read more
News - 03-05-2021
The third episode of the EDHEC Vox podcast is dedicated to entrepreneurship, featuring Sacha Poignonnec, 2002 alumnus and co-founder and co-CEO of Jumia, Justine Soudier, 2019 alumnus and director of EDHEC Entrepreneurs, and Marwan Elfitesse, 2011... Read more
News - 29-04-2021
Why did you choose to join EDHEC’s MSc in Marketing Management? I decided to join EDHEC Business School due to the high standards of education and its high quality behind its MSc educational programmes. The MSc in Marketing Management has an... Read more