Why attend an international summer school programme?

Business schools offer summer programmes for international students. EDHEC Business School is one of them. Here are five (good) reasons why you should consider attending one.

Written on 29 Jan 2020.


#1. Advance your knowledge. Be it on a subject you already master or a topic you would like to explore, an intensive summer course will give that extra edge while gaining some credits. Small classes also mean better student-teacher interactions. You might even realise you would like to further your education in that school or in that field.

#2. Gain an international perspective. Summer courses are a great way to learn in a new environment, experience a different approach to teaching. And of course, interact with students from all around the world.

#3. Enhance your résumé. Attend a summer school abroad shows you have gone the extra-mile, gotten out your comfort zone.

#4. Discover a new culture. International summer school courses offer the perfect combination of classroom activities and extracurricular activities, giving you time to taste the food, enjoy the city life…

#5. And last but not least, have fun outside the classroom and make long-lasting friendships. You will surely make your summer memorable.

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