Meet the founders of 'WeGive'

Written on 10 Feb 2021.


Jérémy Makrutski and Yacine Cherif, EDHEC International BBA 2016

Two friends graduate together, set off on separate paths in the world of finance, but neither is satisfied. “Yacine and I realized we wanted to be more involved with today’s social and environmental stakes.” WeGive was born. As Jérémy explains, the two spotted a niche based on a circle of need in the fundraising sector.Companies need to prove their CSR commitments by engaging with good causes, employees need to feel they are contributing in positive ways to their world, and charities need to attract donations.” Despite great intentions, companies and employees don’t know where to start. And for charities, fi nding willing donors is the perennial cliff to climb. WeGive is an app that makes it simple for all parties. Companies bring WeGive onboard and invite employees to choose their cause and give according to their means or desire. The chosen charity or project passes 10% back to WeGive to sustain the app and its staff. In addition to a privileged stint at Station F in Paris, the team developed the concept with coaching and advice from the EDHEC incubator. Concludes Jérémy: “It’s as if we never left.

  • Oct 2019: Proof of Concept event at Paris town hall
  • Dec 2019: 5 charity projects financed
  • Jan 2020: Incubation at Station F in Paris
  • May 2020: 3 companies commit to working with WeGive
  • June 2020: Android version finalized, official launch


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