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How I went from Engineering to Finance

Written on 03 Mar 2020.


The Myths

After completing my bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineeing at IIEST Shipbur, Kolkata, I started my EDHEC sojourn in September of 2018 with a lot of inhibitions about the general notion of the entry-level competitiveness of financial markets as a technology graduate. As I slowly got involved in the diverse curriculum and attended various thought-provoking seminars organised by our Career Centre, I slowly settled into a more streamlined thought of approaching the road ahead.


The amazing diversity of Finance (M&A and beyond)

From FPA to consolidation, private equity to portfolio management- it hones a number of skills which does not restrict itself to the coveted routes. Something that I have learnt in my roles in this field in the past 9 months, is that it is not about crunching numbers but understanding how they are related. Accounting knowledge helps you get the numbers, analysis is all about using them to get to your personal insights, which connects the strategy part of the role to it.


Accreditations are vital but backing them with on hands application is the icing on the cake

With no financial background whatsoever, I always believed it would be an uphill task, especially in my first gap year internship at Amazon Luxemburg as a financial analyst. But 3 months into the tryst, I realised that even without any accredited financial courses, it is possible to succeed. Yes, the road is a bit tougher and longer than usual, but understand the task flows makes it easier.

 For the above position which I chanced upon through the Career center portal and then applied on the website, I had a 30-minute interview describing my startup idea in the medical sector which hadn’t even taken off.

It worked and I was lucky enough to work with an amazing manager for 6 months.

So, just diving in is always what I followed through these 2 years.


Internship Experience

Acing the interviews was the hard part. The immense help that I got from the Career Centre during the mock preparations, CV screenings, and elevator pitches went a long way in securing my internship at Amazon. Initially, the complex cross-functionality of this giant enterprise left me in awe, but I slowly blended in. My experiences with coding platforms and data visualization tools from my tech background came as a big help, and by the end of the engaging 6 months, it was a pity I had to leave. Being an analyst meant working late hours, but there was way too much to learn. I am currently in a reporting and consolidation role at Atos to explore the synergy of digital transformation and consulting services, which has always been a very intriguing area for me. Being in a French consulting firm has posed a different set of challenges, but equally exciting.


The Road Ahead (Fourth Wall)

I wish to build on my skill sets to explore opportunities that help me understand better the financial impact of management-level decisions, as it is the top-down approach that helps us to look at the big picture beyond those spreadsheets and pie charts.

I eagerly look forward to my second year at EDHEC Business School in this endeavor, to not only streamline my area of business interest but make an impact (2 years and not this is hard to let go) on the colleagues I will immerse with, the amazing faculty here and all corporate touchpoints as everybody has a role to play in the eventual personal growth that we go through during this 3-year duration.

I plan to join the MSc in Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation in the Finance Concentration in lieu of my progress so far.

The only imperative that I want to stick to is breaking the fourth wall- DILEMMA.





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