After the MiM GETT, a job in the tech industry

Written on 08 Apr 2021.


Tell us about your journey at EDHEC Business School.

Upon completion of my two-year-long preparatory classes in Casablanca, Morocco, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Grande École programme at EDHEC Business School. My first year at EDHEC was a real opportunity for me to expand my network by connecting with different alumni and understanding the value that EDHEC had provided them with. I was also fortunate that EDHEC launched the Global Economic Transformation & Technology programme which opened the path for me to study at two highly prestigious universities: Sungkyunkwan in South Korea and Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley in the USA.

What are your highlights of the MiM Global Economic Transformation & Technology?

Studying abroad gave me the ability to have a holistic perspective on business dynamics and interactions. By experiencing different cultural problems, challenges, and a wide range of societal issues, I gained a deeper understanding of the world, the subjects I was studying, and my personality.

How was your experience at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley?

My year at UC Berkeley brought with it some incredible memories as I successfully completed my Master 2 alongside a diverse community of talented individuals in what was a very collaborative environment. The opportunity to study abroad at a prestigious university such as UC Berkeley through the BHGAP programme is something I am incredibly grateful for. Not only was I able to learn the fundamentals of Data Science from some brilliant professors, but I was also exposed to how Data analytics plays a tangible role in society having lived in close proximity to Silicon Valley and San Francisco - the birthplaces of countless successful data-intensive startups.

I believe that this exposure fueled my desire to join a company that is revolutionizing the Big Data world and offers unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth.

You stayed in the USA. What is your role at Snowflake?

I recently joined Snowflake as a Sales Representative in Denver, Colorado. Snowflake is a data cloud platform, leveraged by data-intensive firms to streamline their data pipelines and expand their analytical capabilities. My work consists of working closely with the sales team to come up with the best go-to-market strategy that will contribute to Snowflake’s revenue growth. Additionally, I work with my managers to identify some data-driven companies across different industries, understand their business models/data needs, and build the best messaging that will resonate with their future initiatives.

This role connects between my background in data science and marketing/sales skills that I gained throughout my EDHEC journey. My decision to join Snowflake was driven by two main reasons: Snowflake without any doubt is shaping the Data cloud market. It is different from conventional data warehouses and lakes in the sense that its unique architecture separates between computing/storage which allows infinite scalability for data-driven companies to store all their data in one location and run analytical queries without performance limits. This means that companies can get a faster time-to-insight to build better products and services. The second reason is driven by the company’s culture. Collaboration is a key value at Snowflake. We all understand that Snowflake’s success depends on our ability to come prepared and ask the right questions before any meeting so that we can move forward and contribute to the company’s growth.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Completing my Master’s at EDHEC with honors (15,62/20) made my parents proud, and joining Snowflake.

Do you have any advice for future GETT students?

My advice for future students is to grasp every opportunity that comes during your GETT journey. When you go to Korea/USA, try to find those people with whom you have mutual interests and work with them to understand their perspectives about a specific topic. Go to tech events, ask professors for advice and keep in mind that having a strong network is key to either find a job or getting funding for your company.


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