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News - 04-06-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC BUSINESS SCHOOL? Prior to joining EDHEC Business School, I completed my bachelor's in Human Biology at Aston University in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Towards the end of my Biology degree, I... Read more
News - 02-06-2020
I originally wanted to be a footballer. I daydreamed about training with the top players, doing something I loved every day, building my skills, performing under match pressure, and sending the crowds wild. As you may have guessed, my football... Read more
News - 29-05-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? Prior to EDHEC, I pursued a Bachelors degree in Computer Science Engineering at Graphic Era University India and later worked as a Software Engineer at LG Electronics in India and South Korea for 1... Read more
News - 28-05-2020
Valentin Grinner “I’ve started a MOOC to learn web development” Valentin, 20, is currently a Pre-Master student at EDHEC. He plans to join the Financial Economics track in Nice next year. How have you organised yourself? Once confinement measures... Read more
News - 27-05-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I studied International Politics and Diplomacy at Texas A&M University. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EDHEC? I chose to pursue my master’s degree at EDHEC because of the school’s vast network, impressive... Read more
News - 26-05-2020
EDHEC ranked 4th among French business schools   Complementing its continued strong positions in the Financial Times international rankings, EDHEC Business School was placed 4th among business schools in France in the Le Parisien 2020 ranking. The... Read more
News - 25-05-2020
Since 2007, more than 12,000 international business students have competed in the world's largest investment-banking competition, keen to impress recruiters and professionals from global top-tier firms. The core aim of the NIBC and its professional... Read more
News - 25-05-2020
Arthur Dagard, an EMBA student and intrapreneur with Iliad, volunteered to take part in a project to create an emergency artificial ventilator in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. After joining the 200-strong Makers for Life collective at its... Read more
News - 20-05-2020
  Marie Thollet “ Post-Covid 19 will not be that different from pre-Covid 19” Marie is doing her gap year on EDHEC’s MiM programme (Business Management option). Currently on an internship in Montreal with a leading French tourism group, she tells us... Read more
News - 20-05-2020
  WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I began my education by attending a Liberal Arts high school in Italy. Before enrolling in the GETT Programme, I completed a Bachelor in Business Administration and Management at Bocconi... Read more
News - 18-05-2020
THE RAPID DEVELOPMENT OF CERTIFYING AND GRADUATE PROGRAMMES Since November 2018, EDHEC Online has been offering EDHEC Business School degree and certificate programmes, adapted to all needs, both in English and French. EDHEC Online’s two main assets... Read more
News - 18-05-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EDHEC? I earned my bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Jordan in 2015. During my studies, I participated in many international student competitions such as the... Read more
News - 15-05-2020
The volume of global data is increasing at breakneck speed. According to the United Nations, by some estimates, 90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the last two years and is set to increase by 40 percent a year. But how much of this... Read more
News - 13-05-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I studied biomedical engineering for one year, then I switched to economics. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Università degli Studi di Torino. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EDHEC? I... Read more
News - 11-05-2020
EDHEC continues its progression in the world Top 10  EDHEC cemented its leadership on the international business education market by making progress in all of the 3 rankings published today (Custom programmes, Open programmes and Combined). The... Read more
News - 07-05-2020
ZOE MCCLAY   “ I found an internship at Ubisoft. The video game market is currently booming! ”    Zoé McClay, 23, is a Franco-British student currently in the last year of her course at EDHEC. She chose to join the MSc in Marketing Management with... Read more
News - 05-05-2020
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from the University of Auckland and a Graduate Diploma in Science (Finance) from the University of Canterbury. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS PROGRAMME?  The MSc... Read more
News - 30-04-2020
“I have always been interested in Sustainable Finance but was often told it was a niche market. So the opportunity to listen to an experienced finance expert was something I did not want to miss. Philippe Zaouati told us about his career path from... Read more
News - 28-04-2020
Faced with the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic and the ravages caused by the virus, the EDHEC community is engaging in a variety of solidarity measures geared to helping the hardest-hit participants in our society. Under the impetus of different... Read more
News - 28-04-2020
PiLab, EDHEC’s specialist pedagogical innovation laboratory, enhances the pedagogical experience for students, professors and researchers alike. As a genuine creative hub for the School, PiLab supports professors on a daily basis, advising them on... Read more