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News - 28-07-2021
TROPHIES assessing the quality of relations between higher education institutions and businesses The AGIRES SYNERGIE Trophies reward high-quality collaboration between businesses and higher education institutions and aim to boost the impact,... Read more
News - 28-07-2021
Can you tell us why you chose the EDHEC Master in Management in Business Management? Following a degree in engineering, I had set my sights on a career in business. I wanted to pursue a higher education program that would help develop core business... Read more
News - 27-07-2021
EDHEC Business School was recognized for its social impact and sustainability achievements when the Positive Impact Rating (PIR) results were launched on June 17th at the UN PRME Global Forum. EDHEC was one of 47 business schools from 21 countries... Read more
News - 27-07-2021
EDHEC features in all of the honors lists and top rankings published each year worldwide. These benchmarking tools put EDHEC amongst the best business schools in France and beyond, across all of its programmes: International BBA, Grande Ecole,... Read more
News - 23-07-2021
With 7,200 candidates this year, EDHEC was once again much sought-after by students passing the BCE 2021 entrance exam for grandes écoles, thereby confirming the School’s regular progress in the SIGEM ranking since 2017. The choices made by... Read more
News - 21-07-2021
Individuals are hard-wired by the creativity of the generation which precedes them. They grow by the experiences, encounters, and opportunities thrown along the way; some of which are game-changers evoking progress. Over the past 30 years,... Read more
News - 15-07-2021
Can you tell us why you chose the EDHEC Master in Management in Business Management? I chose EDHEC because of its international reputation that is respected by employers and academics worldwide, for the possibility to learn from some of the best... Read more
News - 09-07-2021
Developed in partnership with the EDHEC Business School and L’Institut des Vocations pour l’Emploi (LIVE), a vocational training institute, the Jean Arnault Campus in Roubaix was inaugurated this morning by LIVE President Brigitte Macron, EDHEC... Read more
News - 09-07-2021
EDHEC Business School and the Technological University of Compiègne (UTC) announce the creation of a four-year undergraduate double degree in digital engineering and management. The programme will train a new generation of students seeking a... Read more
News - 09-07-2021
Students wishing to pursue their professional aspirations in the media and follow careers as information or media experts will be able to study for a double degree from EDHEC and ESJ Lille, France’s leading journalism school, as from September 2021... Read more
News - 08-07-2021
Faced with the health crisis and sweeping changes in society, EDHEC Business School has reasserted its intention of placing business at the service of future generations and implementing the School’s Impact Future Generations strategic plan 2025... Read more
News - 06-07-2021
EDHEC Business School is pleased to announce that nine high-level athletes studying on its BBA Online programme have been selected for the Tokyo Olympic Games to be held from 23 July to 8 August this year. The EDHEC BBA Online, which is celebrating... Read more
News - 06-07-2021
You have graduated in 2020 from EDHEC’s MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. What are the main highlights of your final year of higher education? I have gained in-depth knowledge on the commercialisation of new ideas, high-tech innovations, and... Read more
News - 05-07-2021
The fifth episode of EDHEC Vox Podcast focuses on the engagement of young staff in companies today. It asks the following questions: What new aspirations do the young generations have? What meaning do young staff attach to their engagement? What do... Read more
News - 01-07-2021
You have some good news to share with us? Yes, I’m really pleased as I’ve been offered a job at Amazon which I joined in May 2021.  So, I’m quite excited about that!  I'm a Program Manager in the network planning team and I’ll be working on... Read more
News - 29-06-2021
It can be said that the past shapes the future and it goes without saying that money often plays an intrinsic role.  When the Banque de France was founded in 1811, during Napoleonic times, it was not France’s first experience of a central banking... Read more
News - 28-06-2021
Reflecting the programme’s high-impact and transformational experience, the EDHEC Executive MBA gained 7 places this year to rank 38th worldwide in the QS 2021 ranking, while also making progress among the top 20 European EMBAs (up 1 place), out of... Read more
News - 21-06-2021
EDHEC’s Master in Finance was again rated 5th worldwide among more than 50 prestigious institutions covered in the Financial Times 2021 ranking.  The EDHEC Master in Finance’s international character, its ability to support students in their career... Read more
News - 17-06-2021
Our origins are the creators of diversity. They are that essential ingredient that guarantees innovation and audacious concepts. That inevitable mix of mindshare and circumstance are the protagonists of genius and real change. Indeed, diversity... Read more
News - 15-06-2021
“To help the students, you have to try to put yourself in their shoes and guide them accordingly, without preconceptions or a priori assumptions, as everyone comes with their own culture and way of thinking,” says Yasmine Nicolle, Manager of the ISO... Read more