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FRANCE AS YOUR HIGHER EDUCATION DESTINATION - 5 good reasons to choose France!

Selecting a destination to further study is not an easy task. The following resons will help you decide why France is a good destination to study, grow and expand.

Written on 07 Jul 2017.

1. A thousand-year academic history of Excellence

– Studying abroad is an experience that helps you understand the world from a different perspective. With more than 300 000 international students France has always been one of the most attractive international study destinations in the world. This comes for a reason, French institutions are counted among the best institutions in the world. With a number of popular business schools, this country holds a very good reputation for its quality of higher education. 

Choose EDHEC for its international recognition:

For over 100 years of history in Business Education, EDHEC Business School has been setting high academic standards with 30 000 alumni in 125 countries. Where it is nominated as 1st Business school in France for its Finance related programmes (ranked 4th for its MSc in Finance), it secures 14th position in Europe as per Financial Times Rankings 2016. Its ‘Master in Management’ programme takes 15th spot worldwide (Financial Times Rankings 2016)

2. The best student life at the heart of Europe

–Situated in the very heart of Europe, France is the world’s top tourist destination in terms of number of foreign visitors. For the fifth consecutive year, Paris has been named the world’s best city for students (QS Best Student Cities, 2016). After Paris and Lyon, Lille has been seen very popular among international students. One of the main advantages of studying in France is you get to live a pleasant, fulfilling living environment in the heart of Europe.

Choose EDHEC for the diversity at its campuses and student life:

EDHEC Business School welcome 93 nationalities on its 5 campuses in the world (Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore).  Its main campus located in the heart of the Greater Lille is in 8,5 hectares of wooded parkland, the campus has been designed to meet the highest international standards, with respect for the environment, sporting, cultural and accommodation facilities. Lille is the ease of travelling to explore other parts of France and northern Europe.  EDHEC’ Nice campus is located in the gorgeous French Riviera, minutes away from Monaco, Cannes, Sophia Antipolis (the largest cluster of ICT companies in Europe) and near the French Italian border. Much more than just locations, the EDHEC campuses are connected to the main international business centres.

Apart from location, EDHEC has more than 50 student associations ranging from sports, charities. These associations provide opportunities for hands-on preparations for future profession responsibilities. Some of these associations, such as RAID EDHEC and the Course Croisière EDHEC have become internationally renowned.

3. A door to enter into the hub of corporate world

-French economy is different than any other modern economy country. In France there are many famous companies such as Unilever, BNP Paribas, Carrefour and Capgemini etc. After UK and Germany, France stands as the third largest economy country in Europe and six largest economy country in the world. Plenty of opportunities for you to embark on a fabulous journey after finishing your programme.


EDHEC’ special relationship with the corporate world:

EDHEC is well connected to the corporate world through its programme sponsors. These big names: Unilever, PWc, Société Générale, Carrefour, Capgemini Consulting, GARP, Groupe SEB, CFA Institute, Le Cirque du Soleil, Lactalis, will be the key to enter in the French corporate market. These corporate sponsorships reflect EDHEC’s excellent global standing for business relevant research, management training, and career development, as well as its innovative pedagogical approach. Corporate sponsorships with top-tier international firms - and the management insight and analysis that comes with it – is one reason EDHEC Business School has such an outstanding reputation and why it is consistently ranked among the top 15 Master in Management programmes in the world by The Financial Times.  Moreover, every year EDHEC organises 120 corporate events as well as industry specific events such as luxury, audit marketing etc. across campus.

4. Housing & living cost and health benefits

- In France, students of all nationalities may apply for government housing assistance. France is the only country in Europe to offer this benefit. French health-care coverage, provided under the social security system, is of very high quality. Covered individuals are reimbursed for a portion of their medical expenses in return for a low basic payment.


We are happy to help:

Once enrolled, the EDHEC International Student Office is always ready to help you with questions pertaining to the French medical system, medical insurance and housing options. Moreover, you will be assisted in finding suitable accommodation on or off campus.

5. Variety of specialised Master programmes, tuition fees & numerous financial aids

- Study in France doesn’t mean you need to know French.  The French system as a whole offers excellent programmes at all levels and in every discipline with more than 1,000 programmes are taught in English with low tuition fees as compared with other countries! Additionally, you are able to access financial aid while studying in France.


EDHEC budget:  €9M amount of scholarship funding:

With 7200 students at it campuses, EDHEC offers 14 Master programmes entirely taught in English. EDHEC offers generous and prestigious scholarships & financial aids based on merit and financial needs. Aside from these, there are number of options available at EDHEC.